Dr Meryem Grabski

Psychology Alumni

PhD Researcher in Psychology (ESRC +3)
Experimental Psychology, University of Bristol

Start date: September 2013

Graduation date: January 2018

Research topic: Tobacco withdrawal, cognition and craving

I am researching the effect of smoking abstinence on cognitive performance and craving in regular smokers. My goal is to ultimately develop a human behavioural model of tobacco withdrawal to test the effectiveness of new smoking cessation treatments.


Research supervisors: Professor Marcus Munafo, Professor Valerie Curran, Professor David Nutt, Professor Stephen Husbands

Email: m.grabski@bristol.ac.uk

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/meryem-grabski-8ba9aa5a?trk=hp-identity-photo

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MeryemGrabski