Thomas S. Avery


PhD Researcher in Education (ESRC 1+3)
Department of Education, University of Bath

Start date: October 2018

Research topic: Refugee Children’s Experiences of Integration and Education through Language and Literacies

I’m interested in the knowledges and literacies refugee-background children bring with them and how these are (not) used within our monolingual, monocultural curriculum, which often views non-English speakers as running at a “deficit”. Within this, I focus on how these assumptions affect refugee integration into society, their sense of belonging, and their developing identities within the label of refugee.

At a broader level, I explore discourses of migration, particularly how mediatised political narratives of the migrant and the “refugee crisis” affect the influence of research on policy, pedagogy, and the interplay between these.

Research supervisors: Dr Xiao Lan Curdt-Christiansen

Professional memberships/Positions held:

Volunteer @ Bath Welcomes Refugees